The Gathering Storm

Battle of Boltstrike

Into the melee

Rushing toward the tower, our heroes meet a panicked Varis, who tells them what has happened before teleporting to the top to fight off the invaders.

The party fights to the top of the tower, enduring much acid spray from above and fearsome spear-wielding, arm-chomping lizardfolk warriors on the way. When they arrive at the top of the tower, Jolum is performing a ritual, sacrificing captured tower guards to the broken magical flame.

RIP Jolum…?

After dispatching the remaining invaders and bringing Jolum to his breaking point (with the help of fearsome and antagonistic attacks by the halfling wizard who hates him), all atop the tower are shocked to see the haughty elf transform into a fearsome, many-limbed dragon-thing.

With renewed aggression, the dragon-thing formerly known as Jolum renders Teliu unconscious and barely escapes with its life when a final savage attack from Mord sends it careening off the tower.

RIP dragon…?

After pausing only briefly to fully revive Varis and the other guards, the three adventurers decide to dispatch the wounded dragon, which has been struggling to free itself from the rubble of one of the tower’s outbuildings. Varis and the guards hurry to the aid of their fellows in routing the remaining lizardfolk.

Unfortunately, even a critically wounded dragon is extremely dangerous to all but the most battle-hardened of the Empire, and Mord and Teliu have soon fallen to its vicious attacks.
Only Davead is left to face its might, and even with the sacrificial attack of the brave guard Jimson, things aren’t looking good…


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