Half-orc rogue, rough around the edges.


This half-orc rogue was named Mord Bra-Grab, but after hearing one too many bad puns about his family name, he now just goes by “Mord”.

He was born in the city of Drakkenhall, but left that hell-hole as soon as he could carry a sword and joined the Imperial Legion. But, as they say, you can never truly leave Drakkenhall behind you, which explains his conflicted relationship with the Three. Having served for some years on the defense of the South Wall, he picked up and left once again. Passing through Santa Cora, he fell in love with one of the statues at cathedral of the Priestess. He plans to liberate her one day, no matter the cost….

There is little known about Mord’s activities during the next couple of years. Those who knew him from before say that something in him changed, that he grew colder somehow. When asked about this time, he simply suggests you mind your own business if you value your health.

His trail picks up again only when he arrives in Axis, the center of the Dragon Empire’s power. It was here that he was hired as a guard into the service of the Proconsul of Axis. Mord’s quick rise through the ranks was met with skepticism by the Emperor’s court, since the ruling class considers half-orcs to be nothing but savages that have learned how to dress themselves.

However, his new position ultimately also brought him to the attention of the local crime lords. Mord was more than willing to exploit his position to supply the underworld bosses with information, in exchange for coin and a favorable standing with the Prince of Shadows himself.


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