High-elf cleric. "The talent."



Highblood Teleport……1/battle (as move) to visible nearby loc.


Heal………………know Heal in addition to day’s spells
Ritual Magic……can cast spells as rituals

Domain: Healing
When you cast a spell that lets you heal using a recovery, the target also adds hit points equal to double your level to the recovery.

This battle, you gain an additional use of the heal spell. The first heal spell you cast after using this invocation allows the target to heal using a free recovery instead of spending a recovery.

Domain: Love or Beauty
Once per level, you can mystically generate a one-point conflicted relationship with a heroic or ambiguous icon you do not already have a relationship with. The relationship point remains with you until you gain a level, and then it’s time for another one-level relationship. It’s the genius of your theology that old relationships don’t turn negative.

As a free action, at some dramatic moment, you or an ally of your choice can roll for one icon relationship that might have an effect on the battle. Rolls of 5 and 6 are beneficial as usual, though the GM will have to improvise what that means in the middle of combat. The GM also needs to agree on the dramatic timing. You don’t get to make use of this invocation’s advantage the moment you roll initiative; instead wait for a dramatic moment. At the GM’s option, the drama-requirement can be waived if the table joins in a group hug.

Domain: Sun or Anti-Undead
Every attack you make deals holy damage instead of other types of damage unless you choose otherwise for a specific attack.

When you cast a daily cleric spell this battle, roll a d6. If you roll less than or equal to the escalation die, you regain the use of that daily spell after the battle.

At-Will: Javelin of Faith
Battle: Heal (2/battle), Spirits of Righteousness
Daily: Cure Wounds, Hammer of Faith, Shield of Faith


Heal………………Heal spell can target nearby allies
Domain: Sun……if deal holy damage, +1 damage


Priestess………2 pts, Conflicted
Emperor………1 pt, Conflicted
Archmage……1 pt, Conflicted

Unlikely magical prodigy (3 points)
He was a no-name from some backwoods, hodunk town who, during his youth, turned out to have an unprecedented aptitude for divine magic. He quickly became known as a local miracle and caught the attention of the greater world, being heralded as a specially gifted child of The Priestess herself.

Growing celebrity of the people (3 points)
His inborn philanthropic talents and humble-background novelty launched him into the small-time fame and public service of being a local icon of hope for the people. Now, his days are filled with traveling from town to town, meeting important people, and slowly ingratiating himself with other greater, more long-standing bigwigs of influence—still a practicing healer and a member of “the church”, but now more on the road than in the chapel. He finds his growing following ridiculous but no longer fights against it—his livelihood is caught up in a web of fame others are stubbornly weaving.

Conscripted dignitary of the emperor (2 points)
With fame and public influence so often comes responsibility, and he “found” just that when the emperor chose to make him a minor representative of the state—not in any particular legal capacity, but as a window dressing that can, to some extent, “authoritatively” represent the people. He’s entirely independent and can set his own agenda…but is expected to lend legitimacy to certain public legal functions (like an actor in a political campaign). He could pull some strings and has a few friends in high places, but his influence goes no further than his popularity.


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