Davead Foechuckle

Gnome fighter, champion of the people


His name is Davead Foechuckle and he is a gnome fighter. He is from the large gnomish burrow settlement in the Bitterwood. As a young lad, Davead spent his days in the underworld as a member of a gang of juvenile gnome toughs who raided the domain of the Dwarf King, stealing treasures and causing mischief at the direction of the gnomish agents of the Prince of Shadows. His life changed dramatically when he came of age and began to display horrifying and grotesque new anatomy – namely gorgeous flowing locks of hair that would glow a bright golden hue when the young gnome stepped foot underground. His compatriots and clan-gnomes were greatly dismayed and banished him from their underground lairs, for what good is gnome who cannot sneak through the dark?

Davead Foechuckle made his way to Glitterhaegen and found work as a sea-faring sell-sword for the gnome merchants of the city. During the long trips, he trained with the other soldiers of fortune and became quite adept with his sword. On a return trip from New Port, led by the foolish human captain, Homer Broadsword, a great storm struck the merchant ship in the Midland Sea. The ship capsized, most of the crew was drowned, and Davead was carried south to the Demon Coast. Feverish and battered, he wandered farther south. On the seventh day after his shipwreck, he was rescued by monks from the Brotherhood of the Red Wastes and brought to their monastery above the Abyss. During his convalescence, the gnome was struck by an image of the Great Gold Wyrm, who appeared to him glowing the same golden color as Davead’s fancy underworld hair. He took this as a sign from the icon: that he, Davead Foechuckle is meant for greater things than thievery and mischief, he is destined to be an elite champion of the Golden Order! The monks of the Brotherhood of the Red Wastes found this quite amusing, as has everyone else he has told, but Davead is undeterred. After he recovered enough to travel, he left the Abyss and traveled to Axis, offering his service as champion to those in need along the way.

Davead Foechuckle

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